Thomas J. Dragavon


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“Burning Bear” (monoprint, 24" x 15")
“Crone and the Tree” (pastel, 20" x 25")

Thomas J. Dragavon has been painting using charcoal and pastels for over thirty years. Although he took courses in the California Junior College System, he is largely self-taught. His work has been shown in Benicia, Gualala, Roseville, and Walnut Creek; an abstract piece received Third Prize in Show from Gualala Arts. Although he has done varied subject matter, his primary interest has been in the surreal and the illustration of dreams. For the past year he has devoted his work to still life.

Artist Statement

My art consists of pictures, often transcribed directly from dreams, which can be my own or others that have been related to me. As such they can be analyzed and projected.

Visions originate in my unconscious and are frequently brought forth in dreams or other specific imaginations. In this way the picture is in my mind before I paint. Accidental or other spontaneous expressions are not important in my work. Dry pastel and charcoal are excellent for my purpose, as neither encourages spontaneity. Significant mental planning is required, which provides further input from the unconscious. Even though the work is well planned in advance, much excitement comes from interpreting what has been accomplished.

My objective and nonobjective work springs from the same well, and I view them as similar. Color is important in the nonobjective work as I try to recreate colors that I see in dreams or when awakening.

It is my desire that the archetypes in my art will resonate with the viewer. I believe that art should have some communication, even if the message is not expressed in words; perhaps just posing a question for the viewer.


2005 IASD Dream Art Exhibition

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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