Sylvia Colette Gehres


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“Potatoes on the Roof” (acrylic & collage, 14” x 11”)

Sylvia Colette Gehres has an art degree from a small college in Rockford, Illinois. For many years her creativity went toward raising children food, and money to live on. In the past twelve years, she has taken up drawing again, and her work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, North Carolina and Hawaii, as well as throughout California.

Most of her work, done primarily in pastels and acrylics, has been portraits and life drawings. She began painting dream images after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994.

Artist Statement

“Potatoes on the Roof”

I had this dream in January, 2005. I am outside a house standing on a rise so that I can see the top of the roof. I see a bolt of lightening in the stormy looking sky above me and I call to my friend Dan, who is in the house and say that, “He better get the potatoes off of the roof because it is going to rain.”

My dream group suggested that something had changed in my relationship between my male and female, and I need to save the basic nourishment (potatoes) from the storm and rotting in the damp.

On another level, in reality, Dan has been working in Vietnam and traveling there at least once a month. I worry a lot when he goes so far away and I feel a strain in our relationship.


2005 IASD Dream Art Exhibition

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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