Clare Johnson


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“Unconscious” (collage on paper, 17" x 11") “Lakshmi” (collage on paper, 17" x 11")

Clare Johnson is a doctoral researcher with the University of Leeds, England, investigating the role of lucid dreaming in the creative process. Her research is rooted in practice as she is writing a novel which features lucid dreaming and lucid dream inspired art. She is exploring ways of drawing on lucid dreams at each stage of the creative process.

Artist Statement:

When I started having lucid dreams over a decade ago, I was eager to find a means of representing them visually. I used a marbling technique and images cut from magazines and old photographs. I then arranged them into collages. Bright colours are used to represent the extreme visual clarity of my lucid dreams. Hands and eyes appear frequently in my collages. The hands reflect a lucidity technique used to stabilise the dream scene, while the eyes represent the conscious gaze of the lucid dreamer.

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2005 IASD Dream Art Exhibition

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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