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“Passing of the Cat” (acrylic, 21" x 29")   “Healing Venom” (acrylic, 21" x 29")

Judith Krischik was born in Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr Area, the former center of the coal and steel industry in Germany. After graduating from high school, she took up the work of Rudolf Steiner and pursued training in the area of modern, hands-on spirituality in a number of centers. In the politically turbulent and exciting years between 1989 and 1995, she worked as journalist and coeditor of the weekly Das Goetheanum in Switzerland, a magazine dedicated to modern spirituality and new cultural developments. Her focus turned to the field of near-death-studies, reincarnation, dream studies, bodywork and comparative religion studies. After a sabbatical year in the United States in 1996, she took on the position of editor for the monthly journal Info3 in Frankfurt for which wrote as correspondent until 2003.

Since 2004, she has worked on a daily basis in her studio in Mount Vernon, Maine.

Artist Statement

The enormous challenge of living in a different country and culture, and more importantly, of having lost my mother tongue as writer, threw me into turmoil. I turned to studying my dreams under the guidance of Jungian Dr. James Harrod, Portland. In Joy Vaughan of Starfirestudio in South Bristol I’ve found a passionate and caring art teacher with whom I have worked on dream painting for the last two years.

In my art, I try to make the invisible visible. Taking images out of my night’s dreams, I continue the unconscious process by letting the images speak to me. Through painting, the dream image evolves and is given new richness and deeper meaning. The hidden person in me who created the dream becomes the teacher for my painting, one whom I fully trust. Art-making turns into an ongoing collaboration with the dream creator in me. This creator possesses knowledge and wisdom, humor, cunning, compassion and love. I experience her as having a deep commitment to healing myself and the world I live in.

Dreams come from a universal source which we are all connected to. Turning their content into visual images may help create a language we all understand.

2005 IASD Dream Art Exhibition

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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