Kat Peters-Midland


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“Tarantula and Spider Dream Series”
 (mosaic sculpture: glass, iridized italian tiles,
 mirror tiles, and grout, 8" tall)
“Breathing Underwater”
(mosaic: wood, stained glass, glass beads, iridized italian tiles,
 mirror tiles, and grout, 15" tall)

Kat Peters-Midland is a writer, artist, dreamworker, and editor of the Rocky Mountain Dream Journal. She offers individual dreamwork and dreamgroups in Fort Collins, Colorado. Kat blends art, ceremony, body work in her dreamwork. She specializes in working dreams with seniors, to deal with issues that are unique to that population. She has been an IASD member since 2003.

The Rocky Mountain Dream Journal website: www.RMDJournal.com 
Dream-Inspired Mosaic website: www.DreamMosaics.com 

Artist Statement

Dreams have inspired my life, choices, and art. My mosaics are a visual exploration of dream images, characters, feelings, and experiences, which is an extension of my dreamwork. I use mosaic and sculpture as a means to reflect a dream experience and give it tactile form. The mosaics frequently begin with an actual image or feeling from deep within a dream. Through the natural progression of the mosaic art-making process, the final imagery unfolds. This technique enables me to manifest and integrate a combination of dream energies, thus awakening their potential power in my life.

I enjoy interpreting and rendering images in a fragmented way, which is very similar to how my own dreams unfold. Creating mosaics satisfies my desire to make things whole, out of many different pieces. The mosaic pieces are constructed from a combination of Italian glass tiles, stained glass, fused glass, Mexican Talavera tiles, hand-crafted glazed pottery pieces, rocks, mirror, and found objects.

Peter-Midland Continues Gallery 2

2005 IASD Dream Art Exhibition

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

- 2005 -
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