Diane Rusnak


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“Cloth Dreams” (detail)

“Cloth Dreams” (detail)
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“Cloth Dreams” (mixed media installation)

Diane Rusnak is a Bay Area artist who has been working primarily from dreams for the past fifteen years. Although the medium varies (drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media), the subject matter remains the same: night dreams. She shows nationally and internationally, and teaches painting at Vista College in Berkeley, CA.

Artist Statement

I’ve recorded more than 3,000 dreams, including 85 images of cloth and laundry hanging on the line. My first laundry dream was 25 years ago, so this is a long-lasting personal symbol.

For “Cloth Dreams,” over 45 individual units are hung on clothesline or in quilt formation on the wall. One can hang the whole set or any part of it.

Each unit is 17” square. Photo transfers of laundry images (by other artists as well as myself) are put on old fashioned handkerchiefs (donated by friends) that have been sewn on new restaurant napkins. The 17” white napkin makes the uniform size. Around the border of each napkin I have hand-written an individual dream text of mine, containing a strong image of cloth, laundry, or clothing.

2005 IASD Dream Art Exhibition

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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