Bonnie Bisbee


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“Thunder Birds” (acrylic, 3' x 3') “Invitation” (acrylic, 3' x 4')

Bonnie Bisbee studied art in Paris, at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, and at the San Francisco Art Institute, where she received her MFA in 1971. Her work has been shown throughout California, as well as the eastern U.S. and Europe.

Artist Statement

Besides studying art and art history, I have also learned as much as I can about symbolism in dreams, myth and religions. When I paint, the content of my work comes straight from my unconscious. Later, my brain catches up with the work!
I hope to show something of the spiritual and healing side of Nature in my art. To me, this is especially important today. We are all looking for a new and better way to relate to ourselves, each other, and this beautiful planet we call Earth.

“Thunder Birds”

I dreamed I was in the sky with eagles. They screamed joyfully, circling and soaring in perfect freedom. I circled and soared with them. We found “The Place Where Lightning is Stored.”
After this dream and after I’d begun the painting, I read an article about Thunder Birds. In Native American lore, eagles are Thunder Birds, special agents of the Great Spirit. The article described my painting as it was already laid out: “There are four eagles, each facing one of the four directions.” Thunder Birds bring energy.


I dream repeatedly of wolves. Finally in one of my dreams the wolves invite me to join their pack. It is led by a great silver-white Mother Wolf. I am both myself and a small wolf pup, which comes out from behind me to join the pack. They are off on some far-flung adventure in the dream realm. Like many of my wolf dreams, this was a lucid dream.
Wolves are wild and free. They can also be nurturing, caring and protective. Together they roam great distances, in search of sustenance. Spirit wolves need spirit sustenance. And they bring Wolf Medicine wherever they go.

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