Virginia Goodwind


“A Very Strange Dream Indeed” (Oil on canvas, 5’ x 5’)

Virginia Goodwind received her BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1999. She is a new graduate of The Wright Institute, Berkeley, CA, where she studied clinical psychology with an added focus in neuropsychology and rehabilitation. For her dissertation Dr. Goodwind surveyed four types of post secondary schools (a total of 290 schools) in the state of California to determine what services are available for students with brain injury.

Artist Statement

This painting is on a 5’ x 5’ canvas prepared in the old masters’ tradition: handmade canvas, prepared with rabbit skin glue and layered with titanium lead white paint (15 coats). The prepared canvas was “cured” for one year before the painting commenced. The old masters during the Renaissance would prepare a canvas this way to insure that the painting would remain true to its original color for hundreds of years.
The story behind the painting involves a dream I had about an angel. The angel was a traditional nude cherub with wings, just as you might see on any typical Christmas card. Unfortunately in my dream the angel was pulling on my arm so hard that it was hurting me. As I was pulling my arm back I looked down and saw that the angel had a very large hypodermic needle stuck in my arm. There was a glowing lighted material in the barrel of the needle. The angel seemed to be injecting my arm with some kind of light. I watched the glowing material moving up within my vein and up to my shoulder. I woke up with quite a fright.
I reflected on the idea of enlightenment for many years as I tried to paint that angel; canvas after canvas, I could not seem to paint this dream. Over the years I eventually gave up and forgot about it. One day I was furiously painting on a beautiful 5’ by 5’ canvas while I was an undergraduate student at the San Francisco Art Institute. After about two months of pushing paint around without a thought in my head, I looked up at the canvas and realized that I was now finally painting that dream!

2005 IASD Dream Web Art

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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