Elaine Langerman


Liver Series #1: “The Life Force rests in the liver” (mixed media on prepared panel, 11” x 14”; 10/7/03)

Liver Series #4:  “On the Seashore of endless worlds, children play” (mixed media on prepared panel, 11” x 14”; 7/4/04)

Elaine Langerman has been making art since she was a child, exploring many media and forms and sources of inspiration. She currently lives contentedly in the Washington, DC, area with her spouse of many years, having raised two amazing sons together -- one hearing and one deaf. Her art can be seen on the Web at http://elainelangermanart.com 

Artist Statement

I explore miracles – the miracle of memory, the miracle of dreams and the miracles described in fairy tales, poems and mystical interpretations of our history and beginnings. I make paintings, constructions and unique books.

I have done many works based on actual dreams -- my own and those of friends or found in books. But since remembering my night dreams seems to be more difficult these days, I have begun other, related ways to explore my subconscious.

A state of reverie prevails as I explore, half awake, mind pictures, ‘real’ pictures, remembered pictures, remembered times of bitterness and joy -- stray thoughts -- hovering in a kind of dark and formless space. I suspend disbelief and let my thoughts meander, wandering through wisps of remembrances and lost days and passions. As I permit my mind to float, open, dive and let go, images come to me of half-glimpsed worlds.
It is these images that I grasp at and attempt to retrieve in my images and objects.

2005 IASD Dream Web Art

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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