Angela Saylor


“Life is Not a Straight and Linear Path” (collage of found objects, mixed media on wood, 24-1/2” w. x 24” h.) “Life is Not a Straight and Linear Path” (detail)

Angela Saylor lives in Franklin, TN. She is exhibiting her work for the first time in this show.
Artist Statement The desire to create pulses in me. After an experience with cancer nine years ago, creative expression became part of my personal healing process. Through those years I began recording vivid dreams. Only in the past year have I experienced group dream work. And just this summer I discovered the International Association for the Study of Dreams while attending a dream conference in North Carolina. I have never shared my artwork publicly, but the discovery of IASD seemed like a wink and a nod from the universe that a new journey has begun. ”Life is Not a Straight and Linear Path”

Life does not always stretch forward, like an artist’s one point perspective, clear to the horizon. Instead, life can bring twists and turns, hills and valleys, and obstacles to overcome. This collage represents dream images of roads filled with obstacles. Found objects littering the road on an early morning walk seemed to mirror the dream of obstacles on a roadway. Appreciating the synchronicity of the dream and my morning reality, I carried home as much of the litter as possible to begin conceptualizing this piece. The background surface was prepared with paint, smeared wood putty, spills of motor oil, WD-40, dirt and sand. ”Holy Trinity, Ancestral Roots: Rooted in Heaven, Bearing Fruit on Earth”

Painted roots became the focus of this piece inspired by upside-down dream images. Rather than pushing through soil, these earthy root tips stretch toward the sky. The roots and smooth bark of crepe myrtle are photographed against a summer afternoon sky.

Saylor continues in Gallery 2

2005 IASD Dream Web Art

22nd Annual Conference for the International Association for the Study of Dreams
June 24 - June 28, 2005
Berkeley, California

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