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Al Bouchard

P O Box 688
Dillsboro, NC 28725

United States

Founder/President - Angels of Light Fellowship
Internet Presence

Website: http://angels-of-light-fellowship.org

About Al Bouchard

Understanding and finding meanings in dreams and meditation (dream-awake states)experiences has been an ongoing interest of mine since the early 1960s. I have helped to start Spiritual Growth Circles for this exploration since the mid 70s. I have written a series of thirteen lessons titled MEDITATION FOR SOUL COMMUNION encouraging journaling of one's meditation experiences and their meanings.

I started Angels of Light Fellowship to encourage others to find meaning in their dream and meditation experiences and ultimately to appreciate their true nature as angels in human bodies.

Angels of Light Fellowship has a website at http://angels-of-light-fellowship.org where it has available free Meditation Lessons.

Earth and its people are in a time of transition awakening to our true nature as unique aspects of one SPIRIT. The apparent chaos being experienced by many in this period of time is a shaking up that loosens to let fall away those beliefs and concepts which no longer hold true for us. Some will take longer to let go of old power influences. But all of us are permanently connected to and one with SPIRIT.

LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS! Love is the cornerstone of your being.

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