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Alan Siegel, Ph.D.

Website: www.dreamwisdom.info

Clinical Psychologist
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Website: Website: www.dreamwisdom.info

About Alan Siegel, Ph.D.

Alan Siegel, Ph.D., was the 1999-2000 President of ASD and Editor-in-Chief of the ASD Newsletter and Magazine Dream Time from 1993 to 2001. He has been ASD Program Chair in 2001 and 2003 and has chaired the ASD Continuing Education Committee since 1995. He is a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice in Berkeley and San Francisco and practices psychotherapy and assessment with children and adults. He is Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Clinical Science, University of California, Berkeley, and teaches Clinical Use of Dreams and supervises dream research at Alliant University's California School of Professional Psychology.

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He is the author of Dream Wisdom: Uncovering Life's Answers in your Dreams published in 2003 by Ten Speed Celestial Arts and DreamCatching: Every Parent's Guide to Understanding and Exploring Children's Dreams and Nightmares with Kelly Bulkeley. His research on the Dreams of the East Bay Firestorm Survivors is published in the book, Trauma and Dreams by Deirdre Barrett published by Harvard University Press. He wrote the introduction for Clara Hill's 2003 book, Dream Work in Therapypublished by the American Psychological Association. He is a contributor to the ASD Nightmare page assembled in response to September 11th. His work on dreams is featured on the web on ABCNEWS.COM, PBSKIDS.com, AtHealth.com, electric dreams and other sites.

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"Coping with Nightmares"

Main website: www.dreamwisdom.info

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