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Alan Underwood BSc PGCEd

"The Orchids"
Blaenavon Road
Abergavenny, NP7 9NY

United Kingdom

Management Consultant /Environmentalist
Internet Presence

Website: www.openfoot.net

About Alan Underwood BSc PGCEd

I am a graduate geologist (Swansea '73) and since 2000 have worked through my own small company Au partnerships, as a freelance third sector management consultant working mostly with environmental voluntary organisations and the statutory organisation which support them. Born and brought in south-east Wales I have always been fascinated and inspired by the natural world. I taught geology in eastern England for twelve years retuning to Wales in 1987. Since then I have been active in the environmental sector in Wales and have been involved in the work of a wide range of charitable and statutory bodies seeking to protect and enhance the environment.

I have always held the view that while science provides us with an extremely powerful method for understanding the world, it is not on its own sufficient to express the full richness of human experience and understanding. My approach is determinedly naturalistic in its orientation and my “spirituality” is therefore non-theistic in the sense that Buddhism is also non-theistic. I have always felt driven to explore the spiritual side of life and having come across the work of C.G. Jung in my late teens I found myself committed to working with dreams as a means of exploring interior landscapes and have found them to be an effective companion and guide on the spiritual path. I have kept a diary of “big dreams” since 1972 and have made a selection of these available online together with a variety of supporting material. With over 400 big dreams to choose from it’s hard to choose a favourite but you can find a good selection on my Openfoot web site!

My notes on the IASD

I found IASD via the web and hope to find others who consider that if we are to develop new ways of seeing and perceiving, and just as importantly talking about, our living spiritual inheritance we desperately need to find common or neutral territory that can be the basis for our discourse. It seems to me that our dreams are one place where we might “meet” on common ground.

It seems to me that, certainly this side of the pond, we don't talk about our dreams nearly enough!

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.


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