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Alma Verbunt


psychologist; hypnotherapist in private practice
Internet Presence

Website: www.droomtoko,nl

About Alma Verbunt

My favorite dream ever? The one I fulfilled - a house in the country.
Favorite dream book ever? No real favorites. I read a lot of books on different subjects as I read a lot of books on subjects having to do with dreams. I like books about theories on dreams & dreaming as well as books on practical dream work.

My notes on the IASD

I've been interested in dreams on & off for as long as I can remember. I joined the VSD (the Dutch Society for the Study of Dreams) & joining the International Association was the logical next step. What I think is important for this organization is to facilitate an international community of dreamers, where we can meet & share dreams & knowledge.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

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