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Angel K. Morgan, Ph.D.

United States

Dream-Arts Instructor, Dream Circle Facilitator, Author/Illustrator, Interdisciplinary Artist
Internet Presence

Website: www.thedreambridge.com

About Angel K. Morgan, Ph.D.

Angel Kwan-Yin Morgan has been facilitating dream circles and dream consulting since 1995. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theater and Film, a Master’s degree in Human Development, and a Ph.D. in Psychology (Dreams/Creativity). Her dream circles are primarily Senoi-inspired, with additional influences from her training in Theater, Visual Arts and World Arts and Cultures. She began her dream working journey as a young child with her father, a psychologist who helped her face her own nightmares and taught her the dream language of the Senoi dream people, as it had been brought to the Western World by Kilton Stewart, Ph.D. Angel’s next dream teacher was Eduardo Duran, Ph.D., an Apache-Pueblo shaman, Tibetan Buddhist and Jungian soul healer. A few years later she joined the 15-year-old dream circle that had been formed and facilitated by her next teacher, the widow of Kilton Stewart, Clara Stewart Flagg. Five years after that, Angel began to facilitate dream circles and offer dream consultations. Angel has held circles ranging from five to twenty-five people, in private homes and community spaces in California and Oregon. She has taught Senoi-inspired dream education to students and faculty at the Rudolf Steiner College, and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Angel has researched dream communities and the bridge between dreams and creativity. Her book of poems and paintings for empowering the feminine side is called The Alphabliss of Miss and can be found online at amazon.com. You can read about Dream-Arts workshops taught by Angel at thedreambridge.com.

My notes on the IASD

I am grateful to have the incredible resource of the IASD website.
The subject itself is the most important aspect of the organization in my opinion.
I appreciate the honoring of a subject rarely addressed in depth elsewhere.

My favorite dreams include the lucid ones, the spiritual ones, the telepathic ones, and the nightmares (only because I grow the most from transforming them). I am very active in my dreams, and in them I have many adventures, just like in my waking life!

My collection of dream related books is vast, and I have too many favorites as well as anti-favorites... to list here.
I will mention this: I love Peter Coyote's film, A Dreamer and a Dream Tribe from 1997, as the topic is a special interest of mine.

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