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Ann Sayre Wiseman

284 Huron Avenue
Cambridge MA 02138

United States

Artist, Writer, Teacher, Counselor, Art Therapist
Internet Presence

Website: http://www.annsayrewiseman.com

About Ann Sayre Wiseman

I use Milton Erickson's common-sense and self hypnosis approach.

My special interest and use of dreams is in psychotherapy, gestalt, psychodrama, and self balancing, creativity and the original spirit. I run workshop intensives here and abroad using art, dreams, and closed eye visioning as the primary facilitator.

I was adjunct faculty at Lesley College Arts Institute in the Expressive Therapies and teacher training for thirteen years.( course list URL www.annsayrewiseman.com)

People and books I've learned from are Patricia Garfield, Freud, Jung, Milton Erickson, Gibran, the I Ching, the Dali Lama, etc. etc.

My notes on the IASD

During these 25 years IASD members have produced hundreds of useful and important books and articles about dream research and decoding methods making dreams belong to the dreamer instead of prests, gurus, doctors, or even God herself.
Ann has kept dream journals for fifty years, and published two books on dreams.

Ann has been an ASD member and presenter for over 20 years. she has offered workshops and slide talks almost every year for IASD and at Esalen in Big Sur Ca. The Cambridge center for Adult Ed. in Mass. and Intercultural organizations here and abroad incl. Turkey, Ghana, Nassau Bahamas, Skyros Greece, Tel-Aviv, Delhi and Poone India

As a workshop presenter, dream worker, and group leader for many years I have introduced The Paper stage technique, Body mapping from dreams and my mini-autodrama method using found objects color and guided imagery.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

I've articles available in DreamTime and Dream Network Journal

2000 Dreams As Metaphor: The Power of the Image
(Ansayre Press)

2009 NightmareHelp.org: A Guide for Adults and Children from Handprint press edition available on the internet : NIGHTMAREHELP.org )

2000 Nightmare Help (Ten Speed Press, Berkeley CA. (see Amazon.com used books)
2000 Making Music Storey Book Press
1998 The Body Inside Out, Symbolic Healing & Self Balancing
1997 Making Things 125 Creative Discoveries, *Parents Choice Award*
1994 Zihuatanejo Sketchbook #2
1992 Hidden Garden, Childhood in Greenwich Village, NYC.
1992 Zihuatanejo Sketchbook
1990 Provincetown Sketchbook
1989 Nightmare Help, a Guide for Adults & Children
1989 Sketching In the Greek Kitchen
1988 Dreams as Metaphor: The Power of the Image
1986 Nightmare Help
1980 Finger Paints & Pudding Prints
1980 Welcome to the World, the Birth of Cats
1980 Maake Musiek (Afrikaanse Edition)
1979 Making Musical Things
1978 Cuts of Cloth
1975 Bread Sculpture: The Edible Art
1975 Making Things Book #2
1974 Tolle Sachen Zum Selbermachen (German Edition of Making Things)
1973 Making Things, Handbook of Creative Discovery
1969 Rags Tapestries and Wool Mosaics, reprinted in 1979 as Rug Hooking and Rag Tapestries
1968 Rags, Rugs, & Wool Pictures, a first book of rug hooking
1961 Tony's Flower
1957 Cent Idea Pour Recievoir (Monaco)
1953 (Illustrator for Bicycle in the Sky by Rose Brown)

For children:
1981 Finger Paint and Pudding Prints; Addison Wessley
1980 Welcome to the World, The Birth of Kittens
1959 Tony's Flower,
Zihuatanejo Sketchbook 1 & 2
The Hidden Garden, Memoirs of Greenwich Village Childhood.
Sketching at Robert Bly's Great Mother Conference

New York , A Children's Tapestry at the Metropolitan Museum of Art., Int. Film Found.
You must be dreaming, ASD Associates
Nightmare Help (Promo), Ansayre Press.
1000 Clothespin Circus (promo), Ansayre Press

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