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Arthur Bernard, Ph.D.

United States

Author, Speaker
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Website: www.DreamTechniques.com

About Arthur Bernard, Ph.D.

Dr. Bernard is a pioneer in the field of dream work; He’s been a clinician, guest lecturer, seminar leader and media expert on the topic for more than 30 years and hosted his own radio talk show, "Dream Talk," in Los Angeles. He has addressed audiences ranging from the Walt Disney Studios and the Los Angeles Times to the Association of Humanistic Psychology and the National Organization of Women Business Owners. Dr. Bernard’s work has been featured in articles in the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and the Syracuse Post-Standard. As a result of one of his dreams, Dr. Bernard founded and ran the Dream Center in Sherman Oaks, CA., for 20 years. There he taught thousands of people his unique approach to dreams. He has conducted dream seminars in every major city in the USA including Denver, Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C., Houston, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis, Atlanta, Providence, Hartford, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Minneapolis. Many of these experiences will appear in his book.

In addition to his professional expertise, Dr. Bernard, has a lifetime of personal experience with dreams and the spiritual quest. He can attest to the effectiveness of the ideas and techniques he advocates. His struggles and successes in understanding and applying dreams for problem solving, healing, and spiritual enlightenment give him a special sensitivity to teaching others how to enlarge their lives through dream work. “I have had many unique and original ideas that have come through my dreams. C. G. Jung came to me in a dream and told me who God was. It will be a great surprise to read this chapter and these wise words. It is one of the highlights of the book. Great ideas are waiting to surface! Author of God Has No Edges, Dreams Have No Boundaries, and the CD’s dream programming series, Dreams: The Wisdom in Sleep. The book is obtainable at Dr. Bernard’s website at www.dreamtechniques.com or Amazon.com, where there is also an E-book available here. The CDs on dream programming are only available on the website.
All the CD's should be played before going to sleep. Do not play a CD while driving a car.

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Book: God Has No Edges, Dreams Have No Boundaries and CDs on How to produce problem-solving dreams called The Wisdom of Sleep.

CD #1: Dreams for General Problem Solving
CD 1 deals with General Problem Solving. Most life issues come under thiscategory. Whether it’s an emotional, psychological, relationship, or work related difficulty, your dreams will respond with the preparation I have outlined.

CD #2: Dreams for Discovering Brand New Money-making Abilities
Whatever your financial issues are, dreams can play an active role in helping you discover new resources. They can foresee what investments will do, help create original products, give vital information on specific companies, help initiate a variety of services, and generate novel ideas for financial action. Be cautious. Be aware of your dreaming patterns. Some people have psychic dreams and some wish-fulfilling dreams.

CD #3: Dreams and Spiritual Progress
CD 3 will help you grow spiritually. Spiritual crisis is happening not only in our country, but also worldwide, partly because so many concerns are not in tune with the rational frame of mind that looms over much of modern-day thought. Scientific thinking may not be adequate to understand the real-life experiences that are happening to people. This CD will help you comprehend the contemporary knowledge and novel experiences that are bombarding you, and your unconscious mind enables you to broaden your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

CD 4: Dreams for Health and Healing
Your dreaming mind is endowed with the broad capability of diagnosing your health related problems, warning you when you imperil your health, commenting on and proposing treatments, heralding your recovery and most remarkably, contributing to your healing. When the need arises, give yourself the opportunity to put this CD to good use.

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