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Bambi Corso

Southern California

United States

Int'l Life Purpose Specialist and DreamTender
Internet Presence

Website: www.BambiCorso.com

About Bambi Corso

My passion for dreams began when I was 15 years old and had a dream so powerful that I could not ignore the realization that there is much more going on in and around me than I realized. Growing up in a family who studied metaphysics and had a very open mind, certainly helped me to embrace the dreamtime as yet another portal to the unlimited potential of being human. And so, from that time on, I journaled my dreams and tried to understand them. Many years later I joined a dream group that really changed my path in dreamwork and when the group ended, I felt an unparalleled need to continue my studies. I enrolled at Pacifica Graduate Institute for Stephen Aizenstat’s DreamTending courses, and that was the beginning of a beautiful journey for me. Since then, I have obtained my Certification in Advanced DreamTending.

In addition, I am a Life Purpose Specialist allowing me to incorporate the dreamwork for a deeply enhanced experience in personal development.

Working with dreams has changed the way I live my life, and how I view the world. It has expanded my ability to experience all things, and has helped me to make different life choices and life changes. It has become integral in my daily life and I love to share my excitement with others who have this interest. I have met amazing people through this process and truly believe that this is a place and time in human and global consciousness (and unconsciousness) that miracles and positive changes will take place, as long as we are awake, and honoring both worlds.


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