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Barbara Condron, B.J., D.D., D.M.

School of Metaphysics World Headquarters
163 Moon Valley Road
Windyville, MO 65783

United States

Educator, Philosopher, Academic Administrator, Writer, Editor, Filmmaker, Composer, Artist, Wife, Mother
Internet Presence

Website: www.som.org www.dreamschool.org

About Barbara Condron, B.J., D.D., D.M.

This one is such a challenge! I have heard or read over 10,000 dreams thus far in my life. I think my current favorite is one my son, Hezekiah (a budding dream interpreter himself) remembered when two days after he completed a film he made called "Why the Dalai Lama Matters to You. The film is based upon his three times of attending His Holiness' teachings. He called the dream, "Choosing the Dalai Lama". You can read it at his website www.indigo-chef.com.

My favorite dream occurred August 15, 2012. I called it "The Song of God" because it included images from the Bhagavad Gita. Here is how the dream opens:

"We (Mark and I) are sitting on the steps at the back of the house he is building. It is late spring because everything is green and lush. The fields/woods open to Arjuna's battlefield. It looks like a chess game from Harry Potter or one of those movies where the pieces are real men, horses etc. and the field is marked off like someone has mowed it into the squares of a chessboard. These move though, becoming crescent moons-, becoming diamonds-octahedrons, becoming triangles-tetrahedrons, becoming circles-balls. The tattwa in motion, the thought forms of the world, the field of battle as it is. This reminds me of the dreams earlier in the year of Heaven, liquidity in the scene, that living dimensional quality of chi in forms, alive....."

The full dream will appear in a new book I am co-authoring with Mark Richardson (the other person in this dream) called AMERICAN BARDO: Crossing Over Before You Die.

My notes on the IASD

After I graduated from J-School (journalism) at the University of Missouri-Columbia (1973), I continued my education at a branch of the School of Metaphysics. I earned all certificates available from this 501(c)(3) educational institute in the U.S. Dreamwork is a cornerstone of SOM education as it is recognized as the "language of the mind". Joining IASD was a significant step in supporting global dreamwork and unifying the efforts of SOM and IASD's membership. I am grateful for the new friendships IASD provides. And am happy to contribute, particularly through the youthful presence of SOM-affiliated students including son Hezekiah Condron, the filmmaker behind THE DREAM MYSTERY and THE SECOND LIFE which featured interviews with many IASD members. His Dream Glimpses on Youtube spread the word about IASD.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

www.dreamschool.org www.som.org

I create, teach, and supervise offerings at dreamschool.org, a web-campus of the School of Metaphysics. Our Dreamschool Scholarship Program is an online study I have pioneered with the contributions of Dr. Laurel Clark and Dr. Daniel Condron (as well as others) that leads to certification as a dreamologist. In the world of transforming consciousness, people knowledgeable about dreams and dream interpretation will become increasingly in demand. Someday, dreamologists will sit on corporate boards, have offices in every health and education facility, and act as advisers to governmental leaders in a new expression of an revered cultural tradition. This program seeks to meet that need.

I am founder (2007) and project director for the GLOBAL LUCID DREAMING EXPERIMENTS (GLiDE) which is tracking the evolution of consciousness as revealed in dreams from dreamers worldwide.

Annual National Dream Hotline® affords personal interaction with dreamologists and is part of the Dream Awareness effort the last weekend in April.

Books: The Dreamer's Dictionary, Every Dream is about the Dreamer, The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin (using the dream language to interpret the 100 Kuan Yin Verses)and other titles in fields of consciousness development from kundalini to wholistic health.

Films: Ten Powers of Dreaming, an educational film about how dreams have changed the course of history
I am currently updating the "Emotions in Dreams" film I premiered at the 2008 IASD Conference to include footage of Scottish film maker Amy Hardie, creator of The Edge of Dreaming.

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