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Dr. Beatriz E. Ledesma LCPC, ATR-BC

410 S. Michigan Ave #609
Chicago IL 60605

United States

Professional Painter- Psychotherapist
Internet Presence

Website: www.ledesmastudio.com

About Dr. Beatriz E. Ledesma LCPC, ATR-BC

I am a professional painter, teacher and psychotherapist living and working in USA since 1981. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My childhood was filled with the language of the dreams, myths, rituals and symbols identified as manifestations of our own creative spiritual energy. Dreams were a common topic of conversation during our family meals specially from my father who used to love to share his dreams with us. I was fascinated by his rich imagination which in turn inspired mine

My childhood background has set the stage for what my artwork is today.

In my work as a psychotherapist, I am attuned with the rhythms of human existence and its individual and collective unconscious; exploration of dream imagery is use as a way to learn about oneself and to heal.

This unfolding trust in the unknown shapes my creative process, which is becoming increasingly intuitive, spiritual and nonlinear, and it is strengthening the concept of transcendence through art.

I hold a M.Ed. (1978) from my native country, a master in art therapy (1988) from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a PhD (2009) from the Institute for Clinical Social Work. My research focuses on the contributions of art-making to traditional verbal psychotherapy treatment of adults.

My notes on the IASD

What I find most important in this organization is 1)its strong commitment to learn about oneself through the symbolic language of the dreams to keep us in touch with our unconscious, 2)active participation of its members in sharing knowledge pertaining to dreams, 3)spreading the word about the importance of symbolic language to the world as a vehicle to learn about oneself and the world around us, 4)deepening of intuition

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For further information please refer to my CV on my web site.

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