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Berthe Bogers


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Website: www.dreambee.homestead.com

About Berthe Bogers

Although I have always loved my dreams--even my nightmares--it was not until my late teens that I started recording them more and more regularly. I do not have a favourite dream. Sometimes a dream stays with me for a long time, but there always comes a time when another dream becomes a favourite. Every single one of them is a present.

As I enjoy studying and reading, books were from the beginning my favourite means of learning more about dreams and dreaming. There are two things I nearly always allow myself to buy: crisps and books on dreaming, of which the latter is, of course, definitely the most healthy. My first book was The Dream Workbook by Jill Morris; many others followed. No real favourite here, either, although there are some books I have almost thrown in the dustbin and others I read again and again, e.g. Jill Mellick's The Natural Artistry of Dreams and books by David Fontana or Robert Moss. (My website, which is still under construction at the moment I fill in this form, includes a page on which I'm listing my dream books. I intend to write a short review--in English as well as in Dutch--about each one of them, but obviously that's a long term project...).

But experiencing first hand what is possible in the dream world and really communicating with my own dreams has become just as important to me as reading about it. Unfortunately, there aren't many people in my own environment who share this love with me, or only to some extent. I did a one-year class on dreamwork, had a mini dream group which died a gentle death after a short while because one of the three members moved to another city, found a dream leaders' course which did not continue after the first semester and could not find anyone who was interested in setting up a dream group after the course had ended.

In 1994 I think it was, while I was still desperately looking for others with whom I could "share the fun", my eyes fell on a newspaper article which caught my attention. I was greatly frustrated when I read that a conference of dreamers from all over the world had been held in Leiden, the Netherlands, during the past few days--and Leiden is only 20 kilometres from where I lived at the time. Too late! But at least I had the name of an organization now: ASD. Shortly after that I found the ASD website and joined the organization almost immediately. I've bookmarked many other websites on dreaming, but the ASD Ultraboard is my all-time favourite. So many people who are intrigued by their own dreams and who want to know more, so many different issues that are discussed in a sensible, practical, open-minded, humorous manner, so much expert knowledge from professional and non-professional dreamworkers, so many dreamers trying to help each other by sharing their own experiences and thoughts! And so often the feeling of visitors is one of relief that they are not the only one having those "weird dreams" or "stupid" questions about dreams and dreaming. Yes, for me it was a revelation that there could be a place like this. After the conference in Leiden, the Dutch ASD (VSD) was founded and of course I joined them, too. It's good to meet other dream-loving people (they exist!) in a non-virtual environment as well as on the Internet.

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