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Bhaskar Banerji

2342 Shattuck Ave. PMB 357, Berkeley, CA 94704

United States

Instructor & Researcher
Internet Presence

About Bhaskar Banerji

Bhaskar Banerji likes to think of himself as an ambassador from the dream world. His relationship to dreaming extends all the way back to childhood where he would often use dreams to find hidden or stolen objects and learn about future events before they turned his existence upside down. Throughout his life he has placed an emphasis not just on making sense of his dreams but expanding the breadth and depth of dream experience. Till this day he is an avid dreamer, recalling and recording anywhere from three to four hundred dreams per year. He does his best to live his life in accordance with the guidance provided by this rich dream content.

While obtaining his Masters in Holistic Health Education at JFK university (Pleasant Hill, Ca), he had the privilege of studying with some of the modern day luminaries in the dream science community, which allowed him to deepen his understanding regarding many topics central to dreaming such as Lucid Dreaming, Dream Groups, Cross Cultural Dreaming, Content Analysis of Dreams, Shamanic Dreaming, Dream Interpretation, Dreams and the Body, Symbolism in Dreams, amongst many others.

Over the years, he has contributed to the raising of awareness of dreams via a number of projects. First, creating a series of easy to understand Quick Reference Guides on popular dream subjects such as Improving Dream Recall, Lucid Dreaming, and Dream Incubation Techniques. He also hosted a year long Dreams in Cinema series that explored common dream topics such as Visitation Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, Coping with Nightmares, Precognitive Dreaming through the medium of film. And lastly, over the years he has held one-on-one private sessions with hundreds of people, educating them about the functions of dreaming and helping them to deepen their experience of the dream world.

Of late. he is obtaining a doctorate in Mind Body Medicine from Saybrook University (San Francisco, Ca) and investigating the relationship between disease and dreams. Can dreams forewarn us of impending disease? Can they prescribe treatments for those who are ill? Can they tell us whether our current course of treatment will succeed in restoring our health? Can they guide in the direction of health and wellness? These are some of the issues he is currently exploring.

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