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Bo Kindstrand

Stuartsgatan 4, S-412 60 Goteborg

RV instructor
Internet Presence

About Bo Kindstrand

Bo Kindstrand is an instructor in the art and science of Remote Viewing and teaches on seminars throughout Europe, in classic CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing), Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) and PSI dreaming. He has published studies in the paranormal and on esoteric subjects, and is currently working on a book on Remote Viewing and PSI dreaming.

I joined ASD because first I dreamt about the organization of course! Then I got e-mail from one of the discussion groups I subscribe to about the upcoming conference. I feel the importance of ASD as it allows people to be able to share thoughts and discoveries on this subject with likeminded.

My favourite books are River Dreams and Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness by Dale E. Graff.

My notes on the IASD
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