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Bob Hoss, MS

40104 N Old Stage Rd
Cave Creek Arizona 85331

United States

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Internet Presence

Website: http://www.dreamlanguage.org

About Bob Hoss, MS

Bob Hoss, MS, is author ofDream Language, Executive Officer and the 2003-2004 President and former Chairman of the Association for the Study of Dreams. He is also the founder of the DreamScience foundation for funding grants for dream research. He is on the faculty of the Haden Institute and former adjuct faculty at Sonoma State University, Scottsdale Community College and instructor of Dream Psychology at Richland College. He was host of the IASD/DSF sponsored Dream Time radio show on VoiceAmerica. Bob has been an internationally acclaimed lecturer and instructor on dreams and dreamwork for over 30 years. His unique, simple but powerful dreamwork approach is based on his Gestalt training and background in Jungian studies, the neurobiology of dreaming, plus his pioneering research on the significance of color in dreams.

My notes on the IASD

I joined in the early 90's and was then Secretary for 8 years, then Treasurer, soon Board Chair and finally President. I am presently a Director and Advisor and Chair of the Conference Advisory Committee.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

1) Dream Language: self-understaning through color and Imagery from Innersource 2005.
2) Chapter Author: Encyclopedia of Dreams (pending publication 2012)
3) Chapter Author: Perchance to Dream: The Frontiers of Dream Psychology, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., a New York, 2010
4) Chapter Author: “Transform Your Life Through Dreams”, 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Self-Growth.com 2006
5) Chapter Author: “La teoría del color en los sueños”,(Ed) S. Krippner, R. Anwandter, El lenguaje de la noche, Ciencia Limite, 2006
6) Chapter Author: “La teoría de los colores”, with R. Anwandter, El ponder magico de los suenos, Ciencia Limite, 2006

Various Articles and Information - www.dreamscience.org

Color in Dreams - http://www.dreamgate.com/dream/hoss

Recent Press - Readers Digest Feb 2007 (color research); PBS Dreamtime TV PBS special, Prevention Magazine and USA Today

Journal Articles and Publications -
1) Hoss, R. (2011). “The continuity and discontinuity between waking and dreaming from the perspective of an analytical psychological construct”, International Journal of Dream Research, Vol 4, No 2 (October 2011)
2) Hoss, R. (2010). “Content analysis on the potential significance of color in dreams: a preliminary investigation”, International Journal of Dream Research Volume 3, No. 1 http://archiv.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/ojs/index.php/IJoDR/article/view/508
3) Hoss & Hoss (2010) “The Dream to Freedom Technique”, Energy Psychology Journal, http://energypsychologyjournal.org/?page_id=161
4) Hoss, R. (2005). The significance of color in dreams. DreamTime, 22(1) 4-7, 36-38.
5) Hoss, R. (1999). The appearance of color in dreams. Dream Time, 16(4), 10.

Major Lectures and Workshops Performed and Available by Bob Hoss
1)The Neurology of Dreaming (presented Spirit of the Senses, 2011)
2)The Science of Dreams (presented Haden Institute 2011)
3)Jung was Right (presented Haden Institute 2009)
4)Exploring the Emotional Content in Dream Imagery (IASD Conference The Netherlandes, 2011)
5) Evidence of Wisdom in Dreams (IASD Conference 2010)
6) Workshop: Working with the Wisdom in Your Dreams (Haden 2010 & 2011; Natural Spirituality Conf 2011)
7) The Dream to Freedom Technique (Dreams and Energy Psychology) - lecture and workshop (presented at the following conferences: EPC Canada 2009; ACEP 2006 & 2007; IASD 2006 through 2011; ISSSEEM 2008;and JFKU CE cours 2006)

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