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Brenda Mallon, M.Ed. Adv.Dip.Couns.

United Kingdom

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About Brenda Mallon, M.Ed. Adv.Dip.Couns.

My latest favourite dream was set in Tromso, which is a town within the arctic circle in Norway. When I was visiting there last February I dreamt of the huge stuffed polar bear which was in the foyer of the hotel. In my dream I was looking at this magnificent creature when I noticed that snow was melting from his paws. I looked into his eyes and the message he gave me was, "I know you know that I wander back to my home on the snow-covered tundra when no one is looking and I know you won't tell anyone my secret." It was a very special dream and I felt honoured that the great bear had 'spoken' to me.

One book that I read recently was This Much I Know Is True by the American writer, Wally Lamb. As a counsellor and writer I'm obviously interested in how people feel and think and I found this book to be extraordinarily powerful and deeply moving--it also has some highly significant dream sequences.

My notes on the IASD

I joined ASD two years ago when I came across the ASD site on the internet. This was brilliant for me, as I'd been working with dreams in England for years and felt quite isolated, then suddenly there was this wonderful community of all kinds of people, who were also fascinated by dreams.

Something about ASD which was especially significant for me was that it brought me in touch with all manner of research into dreams and dreaming. This is a huge help to me as I write about the subject and run dream groups and training events, so it's vital to keep up with developments in the dream world.

This year I was fortunate enough to be voted onto the Board of Directors of the ASD. I'm particularly pleased about this because I want to help develop awareness of the ASD in Europe. Also, I'm coordinating an E-group on "Dreams, Health and Healing," so anyone who is interested please contact me either via my email address, lapwing@gn.apc.org, or through the ASD web site.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Women Dreaming, HarperCollins, 1987

Children Dreaming, Penguin, 1989

Helping Children to Manage Loss, Jessica Kingsley, 1998. This has a chapter on children's dreams as distress signals.

An Illustrated Guide to Dreams, Godsfield/Sterling, USA, 2000

Dreams Counseling and Healing. Go;; & MacMillan, 2000

I also made a film, Children Dreaming, which was shown by the BBC in 1990. It shows children in various parts of England and looks at the impact of the troubles in Northern Ireland on the dreams of a generation. The artwork of the children is astonishing as are the dream narratives. This is available from me in video form following requests from ASD members who saw it in Washington at the ASD annual Conference 2000.

I hope this information is of interest and I'd really love to hear from anyone who wants to contact me about their dreams, especially those related to physical, emotional, or spiritual health and healing.

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