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Brian MacGregor

Brian MacGregor Gallery
308 W. St. Julian St. upstairs 104 City Market Savannah, GA 31401

United States

Fine Artist / Illustrator
Internet Presence

Website: www.brian-macgregor.com

About Brian MacGregor

I am currently living in Savannah a great city for the arts. I work full time in my downtown studio in Savannah's City Market as a Fine Artists, where I sell my works in many galleries. My art is a mixture of painted figures or landscapes over top of a collage of mine and other peoples real handwritten dreams, to form a metaphore of the Collective Unconscious.

you can view my work at www.brian-macgregor.com

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.


* RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH, INSYNC August 18, 2000 “Breaking from the Herd, an Artist’s Story”, Cover Page

* CONNECT SAVANNAH, January 26-Febuaray 1, 2001“Becoming Bicycle Friendly”, Cover Page

* SCAD TV, August 18, 2002 “Brian’s Murals” Episode 289

* SCAD TV, February 9, 2003 “Big Picture Show” Episode 314

* DISTRICT SCAD PAPER, Issue 169 April 23, 2004 “Illustrators hold do it yourself Senior Show” written by, Nick Malewski

* STARLAND DESIGN DISTRIC, May 2004 “Collection of Dreams” by: Brian MacGregor, written by, Kenny Willis Ortiz

* COASTAL ANTIQUES & ART Savannah, May 2004 “May’s First Friday at Starland”

* SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS, June 14, 2004 “Whispered Dissent”

* DISTRICT SCAD PAPER, Issue 185 Jan 14, 2004 “Special ‘order’ arrives at Starland” written by, Marc Femenella

*** NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, 91.1 FM, Friday May 27,2005 “Interview with Artist, Brian MacGregor and Dreams” Interviewer, Orlando Montoya

*** SAVANNAH MAGAZINE*** Article Vol.16 No.8 writen by Emma Linconl Nov/Dec, 2005

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