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Dr. Brigitte Holzinger

Brigitte Holzinger
Institute for Consciousness and Dream Research
Rossauer Laende 33/41
A - 1090 Vienna, Austria


Author, Researcher, Dreamworker
Internet Presence

About Dr. Brigitte Holzinger

I joined ASD when Stephen LaBerge, who was my dissertation advisor, brought me along to the ASD meeting in Santa Cruz, 1988.

I was very happy to find an interdisciplinary group of people, dedicating their work to dreams.

Favorite dream ever? Too many, but my favorite dream character puzzle is the snake.

My favorite book is actually still Stephen's Lucid Dreaming, 1985. It is very inspiring and based on scientific studies easy to read.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

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