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Carolyn S. Cobb

United States

Public Service -- retired
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About Carolyn S. Cobb

I am guided by an inner dream teacher (for 25 years now). My nights are a quiet walk through a diverse teaching dream landscape. My interpreted dreams continue to build my dream record database, giving me a rich picture of many of life's situations, spiritual needs, and promises for further growth. My personal life is not as well-managed without dream wisdom. When I listen to these life-rounding ideas and implement them, I live a healthier life.

My favorite dream is a dynamic, spiritual dream: I am free of mental anguish and worry over my health. I feel instead wholeness and see myself acknowledging wholeness. The feeling is very good. "The details of maintaining this feeling must be followed," says the dream teacher. Then the teaching demonstration begins: I practice fixing two big plates of fresh greens to eat. I use my head to ease my back strain and back pain. I push the writing of my new cookbook. I realize once and for all that my own disappointment in myself is the big, sad tear that causes my pain. Instead of being disappointed in myself, I feel (in the dream) an intense pride in my life's accomplishments, such as going to the University of Texas and earning an art degree in a prestigious department. It is a hard degree to finish and I graduated with honors. I ran the printing operation for a large state agency and made several large quilts in my free time. Wholeness Felt (October 20, 1998)

I joined ASD after studying Dr. Gayle Delaney's classic book, Living Your Dreams , to learn to interpret dreams for myself. She mentions the association in the resource section of the book. I benefit from the newsletter, the website, and the openness of the organization.

My favorite book besides Living Your Dreams is by Dr. Terry Shintani, The Hawaii Diet.This book is helping me implement a new style of eating. My dream record certainly supports a radical change of diet as the key to this ideal. Aging well is a hope I maintain, giving me more time to learn to use dreams in my waking life.

I am retired from a 30-year career in public service. I was Print Services Director in a busy state agency writing/design/graphics/printing/distribution operation. I enjoyed leading creative people, especially the concept and visualization meetings. Our work (under my direction) was honored many times: The Texas Senate in a Senate Resolution in 1985; Who's Who in American Women; Who's Who in Finance and Industry.

My notes on the IASD

How did I happen to join this association? Well, I was doing something and excited about doing it. But others around me, especially my family, looked at me as if I were nuts. There was so much negative response to me talking about my dreams that joining an association strictly to learn more about dream study appealed to me. It continues to appeal to me. I have experienced how dynamic listening to my dreams has been for me. Even though I still study alone and occasionally join a wonderful group in Fort Worth, dreams are my private life -- an introvert's paradise. I hope this organization will always welcome non-professionals. We all could use this form of guidance.

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