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Carolyn Groth

PO Box 5035 South Broken Hill NSW 2880 Australia

Dreamworker/ Hypnotherapist / Writer-Producer
Internet Presence

About Carolyn Groth

I've been interested in dreams for as long as I can remember, thanks to parents who drilled in to me the importance of following ones dreams not just in waking but also the night time ones.
I grew up seeing sleep and what it brings as a unique time full of adventures and opportunities, and that has remained as true as ever for me as an adult, today.

When I branched out from Social Work into Clinical Hypnotherapy I began to turn a personal passion for dreams and the dream state into more of a professional interest. I was incredibly lucky to bring to air on Australia's National Radio, the ABC, a program on Sacred Dreams. This allowed Sufi, Jewish, Aboriginal, Catholic and Tibetan Buddhist beliefs to be shared and to explore the unifying aspect of dreams.
Since then I have focused on basic community education on aspects such as why it can be beneficial to focus on dreams as well as the many ways we can do this.

How I joined ASD. As in many places of the world, the study of dreams in Australia can hardly be called a mainstream activity. (YET!) I was searching the internet one day looking for information on children's dreams for some stories I was writing when I literally stumbled across the priceless ASD.

The ASD is invaluable to me in terms of continuing professional development and being able to access journals such as Dreaming and Dreamtime as well as to keep abreast of other recent developments in the dreams and dreaming field. I really value other members openness and sharing and their obvious passion and commitment for dreams. Actually it makes me think of John's Lennon's imagine "You might think I'm a dreamer - but I'm not the only one!"

Favorite Dream Book: Jill Mellick's The Natural Artistry of Dreams (Conari Press) for inviting people to experience their dreams in many unique and creative ways rather than to just think about or analyze them.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

article, "The Dream Interpretation Column as Consciousness Raiser" Dreamtime Fall 2000 (US)
article "Dreams in Pregnancy" Netweek Magazine" May, 2000 (Aust)
article, "Dreams, Unlocking the Mind" Spiritual Links April 2000 (Aust)
article "Using NIghtmares to Heal" Namaste Magazine Sept/Oct 2001 (Sth Africa)
Audio tapes - Dream to Heal, Transforming Nightmares and Recurrant Dreams, Understanding Dream Symbols,
Other articles on websites such as www.newage.com.au

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