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Charles Alberto Resende


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About Charles Alberto Resende

My deep interest in dreams began in my childhood, when I got into mystic things, the Bible and the science. I have been studied dream for more than 19 years. In that time, I did psychotherapy that included dreamwork, and I studied at the same time, Jung's psychology, practicing active imagination and other meditation techniques. My interests cover many areas, like symbols, miths, drugs (dependency), Analytical Psychology, psychological types, Phenomenology, Gestalt, etc.

My favorite dream ever? All dreams are important! Even the most common brings us significant messages.

My favorite dream book? Learning With Dreams by Marion Rauscher Gallbach, nonfiction, in Portugese. It tries to treat dreams in their own perspective, without attaching the dream to outside circumstance, doing this only in the end steps.

My notes on the IASD

I knew the ASD on the Internet (a search site), and visiting its site I thought that this is a serious organizations about dreams, like I've never seen in Brazil. I see as important that ASD exchanges information and divulges much about this theme.

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