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Chinmay Oza

United States

Engineer, Writer, Photographer, Numerologist, Astrologer
Internet Presence

Website: http://softlight.us

About Chinmay Oza

I have fascinated myself with mysterious phenomenon since childhood and even though I have found sufficient singularity in dream research alone, my recent findings have led me to believe in a metaphysical connection between universes of consciousness and the world of dreams. Intrigued and awed by such inexplicable connectivity, it wasn’t long before I embarked upon the writing of it.

In particular, the uncertain nature of dreams and the diabolical nature of the mind during sleep has been the root of what may be termed ‘the basis of my explorations’, but this hasn’t been all and the more I have engrossed in excavating accountable theories leading to quantum science, I have found satisfaction in my work.

My work in fictional literature is on its way to symbolize my views on dreams. My inspirations have been the structure of this association and the members within.

I have recently joined ASD and want to take this opportunity and learn. I also work as a Software Advisor in New York.

My notes on the IASD
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