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Chris Cunniffe

510 Live Oak Drive
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

United States

Dream Yoga & Reality Shift Coach
Internet Presence

Website: www.lucidcoaching.com

About Chris Cunniffe

I am a dream yoga, lucid dream and reality shift coach. My passions include spirituality, dreams, personal development and entrepreneurship. In my coaching practice, I seek to blend the yang or masculine energy foundation of my early adult years (my experience as an entrepreneur, legal advisor and business advisor) with the yin or feminine energy that has steadily emerged within my consciousness in more recent years, especially the intuition, wisdom and creativity that I’ve gleaned from studying my dreams.

My coaching business represents my third career. I started my professional career as an attorney, practicing law for 8 years in various formats. Over time, I gradually shifted my belief system away from a “hard work” mentality and toward my current perspective which emphasizes good feeling emotions, tuning into my inner guidance, and following my excitement. In 2004, I quit law practice and founded a real estate company. As part of my real estate business, I recruited and coached a team of real estate agents. In the process, I discovered my passion for mentoring and inspiring others.

I have enjoyed a longstanding interest in metaphysical books. After my father’s transition in 1984 (when I was 13), I was curious about the workings of “the other side” and read my first metaphysical book -- We Don’t Die, about George Anderson, the spiritual medium. Over the years, I gradually expanded my informal studies to include near death experiences, parallel lives, the mystical branches of various religions, channeled wisdom, lucid dreaming, dream yoga, and other spiritual topics.

Following the suggestion of several teachers that resonated strongly with me, I began keeping a formal dream journal in 2011. Fertilized by my focus and attention, my dream life suddenly blossomed in its intensity, vividness, and insightfulness. Within a few months, I started to experience lucid awareness within my dreams. Dream practice very quickly emerged as a one of the focal points of my life.

In this lifetime, I was raised in Massapequa (Long Island), NY. I studied economics and political science at Holy Cross College and then graduated from Harvard Law School in 1996. Drawn to its warm weather and beaches, I relocated from New York City to the Charleston, SC area in 1998. I enjoy sharing my life with my beautiful wife (Ann) and our two cats.

My notes on the IASD

I first learned of the IASD by reading books of about dreaming in which the authors described their participation in the IASD.

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