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Christine Swint

Metro Atlanta

United States

mother, writer, yoga instructor
Internet Presence

Website: http://mariacristina.wordpress.com

About Christine Swint

Since attending the IASD conference in Sonoma I've been full of creative inspiration. My dreams are the springboard for poems, stories, essays, and collage.

My bedtime ritual has grown to include burning incense, choosing a tarot card or two, reading over my dreams from the previous night, and recording the events of the day.

The dreams arrive in vivid detail, and at times turn lucid, populated with hawks, tortoises, orange alligators, and whales. It's an adventure every night, and I awaken full of curiosity.

My notes on the IASD

Jeremey Taylor spoke of IASD in one of his books, so I noted the name and looked up the web page. When I saw the conference was scheduled for Sonoma in 2007, I thought it would be an excellent idea to attend.

The Sonoma conference was an ideal event for a newcomer. I attended presentations on collage, creative writing, dream yoga, experiences of light in lucid dreaming, book making, and many others. I learned enough new ideas to keep me busy for a lifetime!

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