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Claire M Perkins

United States

Personal Evolution Coach
Internet Presence

Website: www.IntuitiveJourney.com

About Claire M Perkins

Claire is the founder of Intuitive Journey, a company dedicated to personal evolution and the journey to the authentic self. Trained in expressive arts, dreamwork and life coaching, Claire helps her clients to find fulfillment by listening to and following the voice of the heart.

She holds degrees in computer programming, religious studies and philosophy, is a certified Creative Journal Expressive Arts instructor, and trained in life coaching at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Claire has been practicing dreamwork and dreamplay for over 20 years and teaching classes and workshops since 1997. She currently leads a bi-monthly dream group where participants learn to honor the dreaming through dream sharing, art, creative writing, journaling, body movement, drama and a process of interpretation that recognizes the dreamer himself/herself as the only authority on the meaning of the dream.

For more information, visit www.IntuitiveJourney.com.

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