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Dale Graff

230 St. Michael’s Road
Hamburg, PA 19526-8002

United States

Physicist, psi dream researcher, facilitator, author, presenter
Internet Presence

Website: http://www.dalegraff.com

About Dale Graff

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of dreams; a few of these dreams were lucid. One very long dream presented a future possibility that seemed like a real experience. It was a preview of what would or could happen if I chose to do a certain action. After “living” that future, I chose to abandon that plan which in retrospect was a very fortunate decision. This was my first experience with the power and value of dreams. It motivated me, at a very early age, to wonder about the nature of mind and the realm of dreaming.

Many years later, in 1970 I began a systematic study of my dreams to discover how they can be useful and to gain insight into how dreams are created. Although I experienced a variety of dreams, the most puzzling were those with precognitive information that closely correlated with emerging future situations. These dreams made it easy for me to accept the reality of psi and had a significant role in my connection with the remote viewing research at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Eventually I became a director of Stargate, the government program for remote viewing research and application when I was employed as a physicist for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Washington, DC. I created the term, Stargate, to represent an innovative activity that expanded our understanding of current knowledge. During my Intelligence career and in my personal life, I experienced several potentially life saving forewarning dreams.

My professional background includes degrees in Aeronautical Engineering and Physics with 8 years in the aerospace industries and 30 years with government intelligence agencies. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to bring my personal interests in psi and psi dreaming into a technical career with advanced technologies that included evaluating innovative topics such as remote viewing phenomenon.

My first public connection with dreamwork begin in the mid-1970s when I taught psi and psi dreaming through official education programs in the Dayton, OH area. I also interacted with dream study groups and assisted individuals in understanding their dreams. When I moved to Washington, DC in 1980 I continued my independent psi dream investigations and occasionally applied psi dreaming in my professional career, particularly in intelligence projects for locating hostages and fugitives. Some of these are cited in my books, Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and RIVER DREAMS.

Beginning in 1993 I began facilitating in-depth workshops into the psychic realm with emphasis on remote viewing and psi dream development. Some of these workshops and seminars have been sponsored through holistic groups and through the Rhine Research Center (RRC), Durham, NC. A typical workshop title: Psi Dreaming: The Night Side of Psi. I continue to provide consultation services for dream content understanding and how to experience psi dreams.

I have recently moved back to my PA Deutsch roots and exchanged the view of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland for a view of the Blue Mountains in southeastern Pennsylvania. Proximity to the Appalachian Trail provides the opportunity for contact with nature as part of maintaining balance in my activities and personal life.

My notes on the IASD

I have been a member of IASD since 1994. Beginning in 2000 I have given presentation papers at the annual IASD conference and the IASD psyberconferences. I have been a member on several IASD panels for psi and precognitive dream discussions. Two of my articles on psi dreams were published in IASD’s DreamTime. I have also presented my psi dream investigations in research seminars at the RRC, the Society for Scientific Explorations (SSE) and The Arlington Institute (TAI) in Washington, DC. I am on the Advisory Board with the RRC and am a consultant to TAI’s new global consciousness research activity that includes the collection and analyzing of potential psi and precognitive dreams.

I firmly believe in the principles and goals of the IASD and am committed to advancing the understanding of dreams, particularly psi dreams. I actively promote the IASD through writings, my various parapsychological and technical research contacts, and through my workshop and seminar interactions.

Dreaming informs us about personal truths; psi dreaming reveals how we are interrelated at subconscious levels; precognitive dreaming tells that our understanding of time is incomplete. An interdisciplinary study of dreaming will help bridge gaps in our current views of reality. I anticipate IASD having a central role for integrating the diverse approaches necessary for advancing our understanding of mind and its role in the evolution of consciousness.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Web Site: http://www.dalegraff.com

Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness, Element Books, MA 1998
RIVER DREAMS, Element Books, Boston, MA 2000

DreamTime, Summer 2001; A Closer Look at Dream Telepathy

DreamTime, Winter 2001; Learning from Psi Dreams

POTOMAC REVIEW, Summer 2000, A Meaningful Intersection of Paths-
Psi Dreams and Synchronicity

Conferences and Papers (Sample):
IASD conference 2003, Enhancing Psi Proficiency –The Art of Psi Dream Crafting

IASD psyberconference 2005, Primitive Rock Art and Formative Dynamics of Psi Dreaming

IASD conference 2006, Formative Dynamics of Psi Dreaming

Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) meeting 2005, Exploring the Formative Dynamics of Dream State Psi (DSP)and Conscious State Psi (CSP)

SSE meeting 2006, Breaking the Time Barrier: Implications of Precognitive Dreaming

Analysis Paper 2006: A Review of Four Psi Dreams

Books in Progress:
On the Trail of Intuition
Shadows of the Future

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