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Daniel H Garrett

100 Bluff Terrace, Silver Spring, MD 20902

United States

Writer, poet, consultant, composer, entrepreneur
Internet Presence

Website: http://dreamindustrees.blogspot.com

About Daniel H Garrett

4 dre ams with holes in them

I walk out of the back door of my mother’s house. I go stand by the trellis at the edge of the garden. Looking up I see a round hole forming in the white clouds. Looking closer I see what appear to be numerous black ants crawling around the edge of the hole. Looking still closer I see that they aren’t ants, they’re monkeys. It is only the height that has made them look like ants. How amazing I think. They have found a way to climb up through the hole in the cloud to the land above. I think they must have climbed up to the top of the huge cottonwood tree next door and caught the cloud at just the right moment.

Something awakes me before dawn. I hear a rustling coming from my study. I get out of bed and pad into the next room. I see one of my dream journals on the desk. A breeze from the open window is leafing through its pages. I go closer to see what pages are being opened to. I read the following, “Something awakes me before dawn. I hear a rustling….”An intimate electricity pours into me. I put my hand on the journal and close my eyes. I feel a space opening both within me and in the space above my head. I open my eyes and continue reading. As I do so I feel with the utmost certainty that I am also being read.

I am walking in a forest with a friend who is to my left. We come to a clearing that opens up onto the view of a lake. At the edge is an illustrated stone marker. On the stone is a man with flowing hair speaking. “This is Christianity,” my friend says. “It is mostly based on the saying of a relatively young man.” We continue walking in a counterclockwise semicircle through the forest. We come to two illustrated stone markers at the edge of a ravine. The two stone markers are of two friends talking with each other. My friend says, “In Tibetan Buddhism, dreams are considered important.” I can hear the two friends in the two stone markers talking with each other. One is asking the other what he dreamed. The friend replies that he dreamed of clouds. His friend asks if he saw any faces in the clouds, and if so, whose. Just as the friend begins to answer this question, I fall in absolute agony to the ground. Weeping in abject sadness, unable to stop I begin sliding down the slope into the ravine. My friend comes to help me and to console me.

I walk across a grassy meadow to a well of glistening grey stone. Bending over I see that the water is cold and full to the brim. I see myself reflected in it. Then with absolute wonder I see the hand of my reflection rising up out of the water holding a white cup. The hand dips the white cup into me and fills it with clear water. I wake filled with joy and wonder.

My notes on the IASD

How did I happen to join?: It was just that: happenstance, and chasing a girl who wielded a set of soft owl feathers.

What is most important? It is all important, especially the subtle inner connections.

Postions held: Supine and prone,

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