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David Saunders

The University of Northhampton
Centre for the Study of Anomalous
Psychological Processes
Park Campus,
Boughton Green Road

United Kingdom

PhD Research Candidate and Psychology Lecturer
Internet Presence

Website: http://www.davidtsaunders.com

About David Saunders

My research interests broadly fall within the collective term popularised by Charles Tart, namely "altered states of consciousness" with a specific focus on Lucid dreaming and alleged "paranormal" dreams that are veridical in nature.

My interest in Lucid dreaming was bourne from a young age when I, upon reading a book written by LaBerge finally found an explanation for frequent spontaneous experiences I had as a child and stuck with me as profound memories.

I now dedicate the vast majority of my professional time to investigating lucid dreaming and association with certain perceptual and personality characteristics. Furthermore I have a strong interest in the associated neurological correlates of lucidity and the potential psychological and physiological benefits of habitual lucid dreaming; from motor-skill refinement through to self-actualisation.

My notes on the IASD

My joining of the IASD seemed like a natural progression, many of the most influential authors on my career are either founding or highly experienced members of the IASD. I believe the mission of this organisation is a great one, exploring one of the most commonly experienced yet perplexing phenomena of the human experience. Contributing to the IASDs mission in whatever way I can seems like the most worthwhile and positive use of the time I have left available to me (which I hope is considerable).

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