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Deborah Coupey M.A.

San Ramon, California

United States

Dream work, Dream Research, Writer, Cultural Creative.
Internet Presence

Website: Website in Word Press Blog: "The Art of Dreaming" // Linkedin.

About Deborah Coupey M.A.

Deborah Coupey practices the "Art of Dreaming"© everyday. Her work includes dream groups,workshops,long term dream journaling and the artistic expressions of this 'living organism' the dream. She has been invited to facilitate dreamwork and speak in the United States and Internationally.
As a passionate 'voyager' to sacred sites, she holds a deep interest in dreaming on these sacred lands. Her pilgrimages have taken her to over two hundred sacred sites in the world on six continents.
In 2010, she traveled with other scholars to Ammoudia, Delphi, Dodona, Eleusis,and Epidaurus to research Asklepian dream healing practices,and Oracles of the Dead in Greece.

My notes on the IASD

For me the most important task for the I.A.S.D. organization is to promote dreaming and the significance of these dreams in all possible modalities. Dreaming has been listed as one of the ten unsolved 'mysteries' in the world. The work of the I.A.S.D. has been so creative and instrumental in the world by fostering the interest of dreams and dream work. Considering the fact that our organization has only been around for fifty years or so it is amazing to me that more attention has not been given to our dreaming selves in our culture. Fortunately, in America this is changing rapidly. All in part to our dream members.
"Dreaming" is so essential to our mental and physical well being.

Member of I.A.S.D., 1984- present
I.A.S.D. Membership Representative for California and France.
Committee for 2012 Berkeley I.A.S.D. Conference.
Conference Volunteer.
Nightmare Hotline Consultant,Volunteer, 2001.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Founder: "The Art of Dreaming" Copyright.
Founder: "Atelier des Reves" France.
Creator of Eleventh Century Labyrynth. France.

Articles and Publications:
Writer for the A.R.E. Newsletter.
Washington Post Magazine. September,1990. Interview.
"Dream Groups, Dreams: Symbology of Washington, D.C. Monuments"
Dream Time Magazine. April, 2012.
I.A.S.D. Online Publication.
PsiberDreaming Conference Panel.
PsiberDreaming Conference Art and Photography.2008-present.

" Visitation Dreams" Sonoma, CA. Speaker: 2007.
"Asklepian Dream Healing Temples and Oracles of the Dead" Speaker in Rolduc, Netherlands 2011.
"Spirit of the Abbaye" Panel- PsiberDreaming Conference 2011.
Facilitator and consultant of dream work in France. 2007-2012.

"Dream Exploration: A New Approach" by Robert P. Gongloff
"Wide Awake a Memoir of Insomnia" by Patricia Morrisiroe

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