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Denise Rodgers, M.Div., C.Ht.

128 Kaapahu Dr.
Bastrop, TX 78602

United States

Mind, Body, & Spirit Educator/ Researcher, and Internet Radio Show Host
Internet Presence

Website: www.mindbodypotential.com

About Denise Rodgers, M.Div., C.Ht.

In 1982, I had a profound dream that changed the entire course of my life. My deceased husband came to me shortly after his death and gave me several specific messages that were very timely. During the past twenty years, my spiritual/healing journey became entwined with my vocational journey. In the early nineties, I began creating and offering a Mind, Body, & Spirit Self-Empowerment Program to the general public and to various chronically ill populations such as M.S. and Cancer. This multi-modal program includes visualization, meditation, guided imagery, and dreamwork. Both the programs for M.S. and Breast Cancer were conducted as research projects, with published results.

Over the years I've been on hundreds of morning drive radio shows talking to people about dreams and what they could be telling them. A few years back I moved to the other side of the microphone by hosting my own weekly internet radio show entitled "Beyond Your Dreams: Exploring Myth, Meaning, & Metaphor," of which many IASD members were featured.

I am currently auditioning for the new network Oprah is launching 1/1/11, to have a show called Beyond Your Dreams. If given the chance, I will interview many dream experts. My show is under the category of Health & Wellbeing. I need your vote! Multiple votes are allowed, encourage and very much appreciated. Please click here to view my audition and vote.

My notes on the IASD
 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Journal of Holistic Nursing, Sept. 2004 (Breast Cancer)
Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine, Sept. 1996 (Multiple Sclerosis)

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