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Dianne Cullen Smith

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About Dianne Cullen Smith

I am married, have raised four children, and have seven grandchildren. I grew up on a dairy farm in Northland, New Zealand. I married a dairy farmer and have lived most of my adult life in Northland. After I realized that a recurring dream actually had a message pertinent to my waking life, I have been working with my dreams now for about 10-12 years.

I joined ASD because I am hungry for quality information/education about dream work.

My favorite dream is one which, in the event, warned me of a huge family crisis, and gave me the information that I would survive. I dreamed I was walking in the hills above a beach. When I looked out toward the offshore islands, I saw the ocean water moving into the shape of a large bowl, and knew a tidal wave was on its way. I turned to run, but was knocked over by the deluge, tossed this way and that, and knowing I was going to die. After a struggle to keep my head above water, to get back on balance, I found myself doing just that. More, I was enjoying the strategies I was learning, and employing, to survive. Toward the end, the water color changed to that golden/green of the ocean after a fierce storm, and yes, I (and my family) survived. It was such a vivid dream, that I seriously thought of going to the port authorities to tell them that a tidal wave was coming, but realized how foolish that sounded. Six months later my family was embroiled in a crisis that had I not been warned, I would not have survived it. In the event, I was the pivotal one who found and organized the help and support we needed.

My favorite book is The Meaning in Dreams and Dreaming by Maria Mahoney. It gives the concepts of Jungian psychology as they apply to dreamwork in a manner I as a layperson can understand.

I am a writer, and steadily working toward becoming a dream worker.

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