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Diego Pignatelli

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About Diego Pignatelli

Diego Pignatelli is an intuitive visionary and writer with a theoretical understanding of spiritual psychologies,transpersonal psychology,eastern mysticism as well as"tantra", Vedanta and Shaivism. His areas of interest include transpersonal psychology, consciousness studies,non ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC), perinatal matrices (BPM) Grof-Wilber synthesis, NDEs, Kundalini, OBEs,mandala,mythology,Star-Gate,Indian Psychology.

My notes on the IASD

The Awakening of Intelligence

"A Psychology of Star-Gates"

by Diego Pignatelli

The Awakening of Intelligence explores images of the unconscious realms of mind as if was a Science-Fiction landscape or Shiva's heaven or Sufi's mundus imaginalis weaving a symbolic tapestry better known as the Dance of Shiva.The archaic and primordial Source renowed by mystics and visionaries of all the ages.
With the powerful use of metaphor, Diego Pignatelli brings the reader into each of these realms along with C G Jung as well as Talbot, Maslow and Ksemaraja, Bohm and Grof, while also offering new insights relating to the connection of mandalas/yantra with star-gates(parallel realities in mysticism and wormholes in physics)and holograms as mandala 3D.
Holographic tunnels appear like trans-temporal, non-ordinary channels where mystics and seers encountered gods, Devas and other mythological divinities.
The Awakening of Intelligence is a book enriched via tones and images, parabolas and mythological fairy tales that introduce us to transpersonal psychology and its spiritual dimensions.The doorway final scope of this endeavour is to bring together ancient religious systems, eastern traditions, in connection with the newest symbols and science of transpersonal psychology-a bridge with the Sacred las in the famous keyword Tat Tvam Asi: You are It. The Awakening of Intelligence restores the knowledge of the ultimate spiritual dimensions to humanity.

Endorsement on my book:

Diego Pignatelli is a gifted visionary and writer with encyclopedic understanding of spiritual psychologies whose book uplifts the reader toward the very mystical states that all the great saints have described.

--Stuart Sovatsky,PhD, Author, Words From the Soul, and Your Perfect Lips

"The Awakening of Intelligence" is a remarkable book.
Diego Pignatelli has presented an original and provocative perspective on this topic, a perspective that is crucially needed in a world that has been ripped apart by ignorance, fanaticism, and the lack of intelligence.

--Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

"The Awakening of Intelligence" is a wonderful compendium of transpersonal thought.Pignatelli has produced a necessary synthesis of important trends in transpersonal scholarship and spiritual studies.

--Jorge N Ferrer,
Author of "Revisioning Transpersonal Theory:A Partecipatory Vision of Human Spirituality"

Diego Pignatelli's metaphor of the holodeck very intriguing as a way to envision the kinds of altered-state material that arises during holotropic breathwork. It seems like a good, contemporary explanation for what were previously called the "imaginal worlds" of altered states, since many seem to have similar imagery and "rules of operation." I think Pignatelli's construct is an intriguing metaphor that opens up new avenues of explanation and exploration for nonordinary phenomena.

--Jenny Wade Ph D.
Author of Changes of Mind: A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness

The Awakening of Intelligence" is a verity thorough job in bringing together Eastern spiritual traditions and transpersonal psychology.

--Stanislav Grof MD.
author of Psychology of the Future

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Author of "Il Risveglio dell'Intelligenza" by Montedit."The[Awakening of Intelligence Toward a New Psychology of Being: Eastern Philosophy in the Direction of New Transpersonal Theories]. Melegnano, Milano, Italy: Montedit. 174 pp. ISBN 97888860373472. Paperback, Euro 11.50. Published in Italian.Reviewed in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and recommended by Stuart Sovatsky and Jorge Ferrer and endorsed by Stanley Krippner and Jenny Wade PhD.

Stan Grof and Ken Wilber's spectrum model of psychology:a transpersonal synthesis.,published in AHP Perspective,January 2008.

Stan Grof Journey into the Holodeck of the Unconscious,published in MAPS

Stan Grof Journey into the Holodeck of the Unconscious.,published in Lila

Stan Grof Journey into the Holodeck of the Unconscious.,published in AHP Perspective,2008.

Stan Grof Journey into the Holodeck of the Unconscious.,published in Documents for serious psychonauts,2008.

Kundalini:the Reawakening of the Serpent.,published in Documents for Serious Psychonauts,2008.

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