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Dominic Potts

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Expert Consultant to Attorneys, Doctors, Public, Writers & Speakers
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About Dominic Potts

Dominic J. Potts earned his Doctorate in Jurisprudence at Ohio State College of Law and Akron University College of Law. During his undergraduate and pre-law studies he won the Political Science Honors, the University Seminar Honors, and the Annual Faculty Election to the Clarence E. Gould Honorary Society. During his legal studies he won the Annual Awards for Oral Argument, Appellate Brief Writing and Annual Award for Civil Procedure, and was selected to argue the Annual “Law Day” Honor Case before the Ohio Supreme Court after winning competitive arguments.

After receiving his Juris Doctorate he was awarded a doctoral fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, where he did doctoral studies in Classical Rhetoric, Dialectics, and Forensics, and Public Address in the Graduate Department of Speech. At Pitt he also did post graduate studies in dialectics and forensics, and took special graduate courses in Law and Medicine and Law and Psychiatry. He was appointed Assistant Coach of the William Pitt Debate Team, where he introduced rhetorical, forensic, and dialectical techniques to the collegiate debate process.

In the course of his law practice he was honored to be appointed by the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers to organize and structure the first Community Law School in the county and privileged to be the first Attorney/Moderator of this landmark program. He was bestowed the Outstanding Community Service Award in the Legal Profession, in recognition of "outstanding service to the community in the legal profession." He received the Award of Recognition from the Community Action Council for creating the first Legal Aid Program in the county, the Outstanding Community Service Award from the United Cerebral Palsy, and the Martin Luther King Award for assisting the education of disadvantaged children.

He was distinguished to be nominated for the CAVALLO FOUNDATION PRIZE (Cambridge, Massachusetts), created "to recognize acts of moral courage to protect the public interest, promote social justice, and prevent public harm." This nomination was in recognition of his personal and professional experience in defeating a mafia landfill enterprise from Bergan County, New Jersey. Thereafter, he was honored to be invited by the CONGRESSIONAL SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE IMPACT OF DEREGULATION AND ECOLOGY, to give testimony to Congress on "the adverse impact upon the environment ad ecology in Ohio from dumping of out-of-state waste.

During his law practice he negotiated precedent settlements and won precedent jury awards for his clients, and was invited to testify before a Congressional Subcommittee in recognition of his defeating an organized crime landfill in Jefferson County, Ohio. He retired from the active practice of law to become an expert medical-legal consultant to attorneys and physicians in major medical-legal cases, and an expert consultant to speakers and writers. He has written and lectured extensively to professional groups, organizations, and associations over the years on topics. ranging from medical-legal topics to improving speech, writing, and communication skills. He has written training materials and lectured before both professionals and lay persons, and is an active member of The Society of Literary Scholars and Critics, The National Scholars Association, and The Forum for Classical Rhetoric, Dialectics and Forensics.

He is currently working on a variety of professional publications and self help projects dealing with "Negotiational Strategies for All Occasions;" "Cultivating Persuasive Personal Communications Skills;" and "Effectualizing Impactful Self Expression," among others, all of which will become available in the near future-- You are invited to inquire further.

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