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Don Kuiken, PhD

Department of Psychology
P217 Biological Sciences Bldg.
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta


Professor of Psychology
Internet Presence

Website: http://web.psych.ualberta.ca/~dkuiken/personal/kuikend.html

About Don Kuiken, PhD

I am Professor of Psychology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. I have published widely in the areas of dreaming, psychological aesthetics, and phenomenological psychology. Since establishing a laboratory for dream studies in 1983, my research has especially concerned the influence of nightmares, existential dreams, and transcendent dreams on waking thoughts and feelings. Also, since 1992, I have conducted research concerning the impact of literary reading on self-understanding. As part of these two research projects, I am supervising an international group of graduate students from the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, and Taiwan, as well as Canada. At the undergraduate level, I teach courses on Psychological Studies of Dreaming and Psychological Aesthetics.

My notes on the IASD

I have been an active member of IASD since 1985. At IASD conferences, I have presented theoretical and research papers and organized or participated in numerous symposia. I previously was a member of the IASD Board of Directors, the program coordinator for an IASD conference, and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Dreaming. Besides publishing research and scholarly articles in Dreaming, I co-edited a special issue for that journal

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