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Douglas Y. Seiden, Ph.D.

Lucid Therapeutics
Somptueux Central Building
52-54 Wellington Street

Hong Kong

Transpersonal Clinical Psychologist
Internet Presence

Website: www.cbtinstitute.com

About Douglas Y. Seiden, Ph.D.

I'm a psychologist in private practice here in Hong Kong. I also supervise doctoral students in a clinical psychology program here and am starting a consciousness studies program at one of the local universities with some friends. Since beginning my own experiments (N=1) in lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences five years ago, I've been looking for their potential clinical utility with cients. As a transpersonal cognitive-behaviorist, the most obvious would appear to be application of metachoric states to exposure therapy for the various anxiety disorders (e.g., phobias, panic disorder with agoraphoba, PTSD), but also as a context for behavioral activation in depression and life enhancement for individuals with limited mobiliy, due to paralysis, disease or normal aging.

Favorite dream ever was meeting my father in "the park" after his passing, and orienting him toward the cocktail party in the distance. Potential favorite dream book ever is Saint-Denys' Dreams and How to Guide Them, which I just obtained in French and have only just begun. But also one of the earliest books I read on the shifting of reality/dream boundaries (not sure whether I actually read it -- but I saw the movie twice) -- The Lathe of Heaven.

My notes on the IASD

IASD kept popping up in readings and internet searches on lucid dreaming, and after thinning other association memberships to include only those related to my interests, it made sense to join IASD which shares my personal, academic and professional focus on metachoric states and the transpersonal.

I think it could be important for IASD to promote education in dreaming and other ASCs in the public schools and also in university psychology curricula. The field of psychology has drifted so far from its origins (soul and consciousness) that good internet forums on consciousness-related topics are often more informative than entire psychology degree programs. Now that the mindfulness movement is doing top-down work by teaching meditation and mindfulness to children in the schools, maybe other consciousness techniques (e.g., lucid dreaming) could be taught as well.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Seiden, D.Y. & Lam, K. (2010). Fom Moses and Monotheism to Buddha and behaviorism: Cognitive behavior therapy's transpersonal crisis. The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, 42(1), 89-113.

Seien, D.Y. (2008). Unity's Pulse: A psi-co-logical out-of-body pre-cogitive trans-personal post-2012 psi-fi novella. Gaia, Kyklos Galakticos: UnitysPulse.com (but it may also be on Scribd.com for free)

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