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Dr. Bonnie Buckner

United States & France

Dream Teacher
Internet Presence

Website: www.bonniebuckner.com

About Dr. Bonnie Buckner

The foundation of my work is an ancient Kabbalistic lineage of dreaming and imagery, and the Jewish tradition of inner visionary work. Every great quest begins with a dream! At three years old I had a dream that sent me on a lifelong path of being a dreamer, knowing my life's purpose is to teach dreaming to others. This path has been hand in hand with that of creative and business pursuits, and I use this language to bring the esoteric into the realm of the practical.

For me creative and business pursuits are ways to ground our dreaming and connect us to others. What we do – that which we call our work – is the vehicle of the passions and talents that are uniquely ours, and how we contribute to the world. I work with creative and business professionals worldwide using dreaming to help them free their imaginations and do the inner work of overcoming challenges and finding their true path.

My notes on the IASD

Dreaming is a broad subject that offers many intersects for study and work. IASD provides a "cross-silo" forum for discussion, sharing, and other essential connections to further the work in dreaming.

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