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Dr Marie-Noelle

via dei Giardini 37
01100 Viterbo (VT)


Certified Professional Counselor
Internet Presence

Website: 16diadema@gmail.com

About Dr Marie-Noelle

A great dream I had many years ago but still fresh: An encounter with Hildegarde of Bigen, an extraordinary medieval figure, musician, physician, mystic I've never heard before. I was a man with medieval clothes in a castle, and a old man togheter with an old woman gave me a casket containing 2 objetcs: a golden pastoral and a silver feather, telling me: "the signs of Sancta Hildegarda have been found, you should go and spread the message around you". This dream changed my life and my professional activities, starting to work with dreaming as helaing process.

My 2 favourite dream books are:
1 Aniela Jaffé's Jung biography: Memories, Dreams, Reflections. I read it 4 times because it's a extraordinary personal experience of a Giant who broughth the dreaming process to a spiritual level
2. William Buhlman's book Adventures beyond the body because he shows the dreaming as a non local experience of our subtle body, able to travel in parallel universes

My notes on the IASD

reading Robert Moss book (the secret history of dreaming).
This association gathers experts in dreaming of all the world, giving a great opportunity to open our mind and to compare many points of view: psychology, physics, neurosciences, shamanic, anthropology, history, artherapy

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

- I sogni e l'Infinito, Anima Ed.2008
- Sogni, un portale verso l'eternità, Ludica ed.2014
- book and audio CD: L'arte del sognare, pratiche oniriche per incubare,ricordare e interpretare.

Many articles about dreams and dreaming in the italian magazines: Natura & Benessere, L'Eterno Ulisse and others

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