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Drs. Pieter de Jong

Haakshof 52
7433 EH


Internet Presence

Website: www.mercuriuspsychologie.nl

About Drs. Pieter de Jong

I've been writing down my dreams since my 17th, and I'm still doing just that, trying to discover the inner workings of my mind. Dreams have been a companion for the whole of my life.

My most important dreams is the Utrecht dream:

In this dream I was walking in Utrecht, and came to a place in which there was an old former prison , which was converted for habitation. The prison was a sandcolored globe, standing on four pillars of the same color and texture, in which there were small, round windows. I see colorful curtains hanging before these windows and it's cozy.
I wasn't alone: Beside me, on my right side, was an unknown woman, for which I have a very loving friendship feelings, something that can't be found on earth. I feel these love feelings very strong in the dream.
We walk into an elevator in the prison. I tell her - very careful, for I don't want to lay pressure on her - that I don't want to marry her. She then says that she hopes that our two children will get married.

My notes on the IASD

In 1993-1994 I was part of the organization team for the first international annual conference in Holland: Leiden 1994.

I'm a founding member of the Dutch Association for the Study of Dreams (Vereniging voor de Studie van Dromen) in 1996.

IASD is in a way a mother to all other assocations for studying dreams. A cauldron in which all sorts of dream potions can be brewed.

And so I'd like to be a member of the IASD. I should have done that much earlier!

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