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Ed Kellogg, Ph.D.

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About Ed Kellogg, Ph.D.

Note: Ed hosts IASD’s Paranormal Phenomena Forum ( http://www.asdreams.org/telepathy/ ). From 2002 - 2005 he created, organized and hosted IASD's first four online PsiberDreaming Conferences.

Ed earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Duke University for work investigating the role of free radicals and singlet oxygen in the aging process. He has published numerous papers on his work in fields as diverse as the biochemistry of aging, bioelectricity, general semantics, lucid dreaming, voluntary controls, and the phenomenology of consciousness. A proficient lucid dreamer himself, Ed has studied lucid dreaming and its applications for well over 30 years from the "inside-out", and has a long-standing interest in the phenomenology of dreaming. He has experienced hundreds of fully lucid dreams and has recorded and indexed well over 30,000 of his dreams. He directs the Phenomenological Laboratory in Ashland, Oregon.

In his workshops he teaches practical methods for bringing full waking consciousness into ones dreams, for controlling dream reality, and in exploring the outer limits of lucid dreaming. He has presented numerous papers and workshops on topics such as the lucidity continuum, lucid dream healing, lucid dream incubation, lucid mutual dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and the use of magic in lucid dream reality.

In respect to his own work, Ed writes: "I take a phenomenological approach to dreaming, in which I try to explore and to describe dreaming experience with a minimum of presuppositions as to its nature. This can prove far more difficult and complicated than many might imagine! The IASD website has the most easily accessible material of my work, through the various papers and abstracts I've posted on IASD's Paranormal Phenomena Forum ( http://www.asdreams.org/telepathy/ ).

My notes on the IASD

2002-2005 Creator and Host of IASD's annual online PsiberDreaming Conferences.
2003-2007, 2013 - IASD Board of Directors
2005-2007 Vice President and Executive Board Member.

 List of dream-related publications and/or web sites where my work is featured.

Links to Dream Art:

In the 2002 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery, "Kabbalistic Cross," "Judge of Judges," "Yellow Brick Road," "The Shin Tapestry," and "She":

In the 2003 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery, "Lucid Dream Healing -EWK," and "Lucid Dream Healing - AH":

In the 2004 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery, "The Matrix," and "The Horror":

In the 2005 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery, "TIMEBOY":

In the 2008 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery, "Filter":

In the 2009 PsiberDreaming Art Gallery, "Mind Meld":


Links to Papers and Presentations:

PsiberDreaming Conference Presentations:

Developing Dream Psi Abilities: A Workshop Intensive by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. ©2009. As presented at IASD's Ninth PsiberDreaming Conference, September 26 - October 10, 2010. http://asdreams.org/telepathy/kellogg_articles/2010DDPA.pdf

The Once and Future Dreamer by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. ©2008. Presented at IASD's Seventh PsiberDreaming Conference, September 23 - October 7, 2008.

Mind-Body Healing through Dreamwork by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. ©2007. Presented at IASD's Sixth PsiberDreaming Conference, September 23 - October 7, 2007.

Enter the Matrix: Exploring the Source Code of Dreams by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. ©2005. Presented at IASD's Fourth PsiberDreaming Conference, September 18 - October 2, 2005. http://asdreams.org/telepathy/kellogg_articles/Enter%20the%20MatrixPDC05.pdf

Psychopompic Dreaming: Visits With Those Who Have Passed On? by Ed Kellogg, Ph.D. ©2004. Presented at IASD's Third PsiberDreaming Conference, September 19 - October 3, 2004.

"Psi-Perception in Dreams: Next Stop - the Twilight Zone." (a 2003 PsiberDreaming Conference Presentation)

Lucid Dreaming Exchange Links:

"DreamSpeak Interview: An Interview with a Lucid Dreamer" (published in issue #35 of The Lucid Dream Exchange, June, 2005)

"Quarterly Lucid Dream Challenges" (published in past issues of The Lucid Dream Exchange)


Challenge 10: Design Your Own Challenges (pdf)

Challenge 9: Exploring Dream Flight (pdf)

Challenge 8: Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace
Part 4: "The Dream Matrix and the Phenomenological Epoché" (pdf)

Challenge 7: Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace
Part 3: "Dreamspace" (pdf)

Challenge 6: Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace
Part 2: "Dreamlight" (pdf)

Challenge 5: Exploring the Bizarre Physics of Dreamspace
Part 1: "Dreamstuff" (pdf)

Challenge 4: Harry Potter and the Lucid Dream Exchange Challenge (pdf)

Challenge 3: Contacting an Angel, Ally, or Guide (pdf)

Challenge 2: The Lucid Dream Information Technique (pdf)

Challenge 1: Tuning In to Your Optimal Self/Branching Parallel Universes (pdf)

Challenge 0: "To Infinity and Beyond!" (pdf)

Miscellaneous Links:

Abstracts from the 2005 IASD Conference held in Berkeley:
1. "The Matrix of Mathematics: Source Code of the Dreamtime?"
2. "Exploring the Tree of Life Through Lucid Dreaming"
Go to:
http://www.asdreams.org/2005/abstracts/rdabstrsj-m.doc (scroll down)

"The Lucidity Continuum" (Finally available online! Published in the October, 2004 issue of Electric Dreams, Volume 11, Issue #10.)

Abstracts for Presentations given at ASD's 2003 Conference in Berkeley:
"Perception in Dreams: Implications and Phenomenology"

"Lucid Dreaming and the Laws of Magic"

A paper on "Virtual Reality Dreaming" published in The Lucidity Exchange Number 22, April 2002):


Links to other papers:

"The Paranormal Phenomena FAQ"

"A Mutual Lucid Dream Event"

"The ASD 2001 Dream Telepathy Contest: A Precognitive approach."

Each of these short papers has a great deal to say about the phenomenology of dream reality, and of dream perception. However, I deal most directly with this question in the paper that I presented at the ASD 2001 conference titled "Lucid Dreaming and the Phenomenological Epoché". You can read the abstract at:


Also, abstracts of papers I presented on "Lucid Dream Healing" and on "Lucid Mutual Dreams" at the 1999 ASD Conference in Santa Cruz:



If you want to learn more about general semantics and E-Prime, check out my papers posted on the Institute of General Semantics website.

"Speaking in E-Prime: An Experimental Method for Integrating General Semantics into Daily Life" by E. W. Kellogg III

and: "Working with E-Prime: Some Practical Notes" by E. W. Kellogg III and D. David Bourland, Jr.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact Ed at:


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