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Elizabeth Stangeland

Roseville, California

United States

Senior Corporate Paralegal
Internet Presence

About Elizabeth Stangeland

I work full time and love it! Every report card I ever received in grade school always had that little check mark...talks too much, disturbs others...Now I tell people I get paid to do just that! It is no wonder that my Bachelor's Degree is in Communication Studies. I would love to pursue a Master's degree (yes in dreams) and I am currently holding that as a future possibility. I enjoy my grown daughters tremendously and love to travel, garden, cook and spend time with family and friends.
I have been enjoying the ASD bulletin board threads since April 2002. I decided to become a member to receive the publications and support the dream community. I feel ASD is important because it is important to support individuals with their questions and concerns regarding various aspects of dreaming. I first posted a message a few months ago and received a lot of support and good information as I tried to work with my dreams.

My favorite dream is the first one I can remember. I was about 3 years old and dreamt my hair was being washed in a cement truck. I have stayed away from those trucks since! The dream left such an impression in my mind.
I am new at reading dream books and currently I am reading Morton Kelsey's Dreams, A Way To Listen To God. I like this book because I agree with Mr. Kelsey. I have always felt that dreams come from the Divine.

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