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Eric Smith

4809 Blaydon Road
Rocklin, CA 95765
Cell (808)537-9406

United States

TeamWorks Founder and President
Internet Presence

Website: www.GetTeamWorks.com

About Eric Smith

Eric Smith is a speaker, leadership advisor, educator and facilitator specializing in people and team productivity. He is co-founder and President of TeamWorks, a California-based organization development and training company. Since 1982, Eric has studied and worked with many of the world’s preeminent business leaders, entrepreneurs and educators such as Buckminster Fuller, Stephen Covey, Tom Peters and Anthony Robbins. [see below for reference*]

For the past 25 years, Eric has led the implementation of leadership, organization and change initiatives for thousands of individuals from the Fortune 1000, and international, national and locally-based organizations. Eric’s expertise is in assisting leaders to harness and direct the energy of their people to swiftly solve problems, attain objectives and increase value. His work is people and customer based --- supportive of individual strengths and skills. Eric’s people productivity technology ‘moves mass’ and dramatically advances organizations through translating learning into focused action. His people-centered approach quickly and simply generates significant results and substantial return on investment.

Eric has a B.A. from The Colorado College, and advanced education at the Burklyn Business School and the Excelerated Business School for Entrepreneurs. Eric was a national pioneer in the mediation in the schools movement and is a recognized instructor in conflict resolution and dispute management. He is certified in mediation and ancient Hawaiian Ho`oponopono (HO O poe no poe no) (problem solving and stress release).

Raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and spending formative managerial years in Hawaii, Eric learned early the importance and potential of diverse values and multinational, multicultural dynamics. This --- coupled with formal and advanced education in business and organization development --- has given Eric an extraordinary understanding at applying the proven leadership and team building approaches of the Eastern, Polynesian and Western cultures. Eric’s skill is in assisting leaders to effectively navigate change and thrive in today’s powerfully integrating “flat world”.

For the past ten years, Eric has been a member of and speaker for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Hawaii chapters. He currently serves on the Professional Development Committee, and as a Mentor in Organization Development and Training for the Sacramento Area Human Resources Association.
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